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Aptos Ascend connects traditional financial services with technical advancements through a growing suite of secure, adaptable solutions. As an Aptos Ascend partner, you'll help steer the path of these technologies and shape the future of open finance.

Learn more about becoming an Aptos Ascend partner

Learn more about becoming an Aptos Ascend partner


Digital Asset Controls

Advanced Controls for Digital Asset Management

We're revolutionizing digital asset management for financial institutions, enabling secure operations through approved-only transactions and participants, customizable digital assets, and vast programmability for unmatched precision and safety.

Why Digital Asset Controls?
  • Bolster security and compliance by limiting transactions to pre-approved entities
  • Leverage advanced confidentiality features, using zero-knowledge proofs to keep transactions and account information private
  • Ensure transactions automatically execute under predefined conditions, enhancing both efficiency and reliability
  • Optimize revenue collection with immediate and automatic fee processing

Network Controls

Secure, Scalable, and Fully Customizable

Designed for financial institutions, our solutions offer fully permissioned network capabilities with extensive customizations, providing unmatched control and operational efficiency that meet your institution's unique needs and compliance standards.

Why Network Controls?
  • Tailor the network with bespoke governance, access controls, and settings to ensure compliant operations
  • Streamline your network setup with our easy-to-implement solutions, including managed infrastructure and user-friendly monitoring tools
  • Bolster network security and trust with approved validators, creating a controlled and efficient blockchain ecosystem
  • Enhance institutional account security with multi-signature protocols and robust audit trails via our strategic tech partners

About Aptos

Practical Solutions For Modern Finance

Ready for Market Growth

Capable of processing over 2 billion transactions1 per day, setting new benchmarks for blockchain capacity

Speed that Matches Demand

Keep your operations swift with transactions that complete in less than a second, meeting the demands of modern global finance

Built-In Asset Protection

Leverage advanced yet straightforward security measures for peace of mind in every transaction

Hands-On Support for Complex Needs

Receive tailored support from a team that’s as committed to your success as you are

Use Cases

Ascend Beyond Traditional Finance with Aptos

Aptos Ascend is spearheading transformative solutions in financial services, and we're seeking visionary institutions to join us. Here are just a few ways we're tackling pressing challenges through innovative use cases with partners:

Unlock Liquidity from Tokenized Assets

Enable access to liquidity for real-world assets by expanding distribution channels through tokenization

Innovative Lending

Pioneer the lending space by enabling loans without traditional collateral, broadening access to finance for new market segments

Merge Legacy and Decentralized Finance

Facilitate institutional access to DeFi opportunities within regulated frameworks